The Memory Palace: Domesticity, Objects, and the Interior

An Exhibition in Two Parts
Featuring Works from the Permanent Collection

December 9, 2015–February 28, 2016

In Pigors, Left Corridor, Right Corridor, and Library Galleries

About the Exhibition

Works from the Permanent Collection selected for exhibition complement the works of contemporary artists concurrently on view, all drawing connections between varied media and juxtaposing historical works with contemporary. Works by Wallace Nutting, Marion Pooke, Richard Yarde, Andrew Stevovich, and more illustrate interiors as a recognized trope of art history, with a focus on interiors which convey psychological tension, the gendered interior, and the artist’s studio.

Lindsey Beal \ Private Lives, Public Spaces
Arresting and intimate, works by Lindsey Beal recall hand-crafted, 19th century objects which would have been displayed prominently in the Victorian home. However, Beal’s work makes visible that which was decidedly not for public consumption. The artist’s references to the female body, and the social and cultural constructions which define it, offer a nuanced look at how public discussions intersect with private lives.

Marie Craig \ Around the Curve
Marie Craig’s series Around the Curve features “portraits” of upholstered chairs and couches that, in their damage and decay, have been banished from the showroom of the home, and disposed on the side of the road. Craig captures these objects as she finds them, often in a dilapidated state. For Craig, the chair is a symbol, in her words, of “…the setting for the drama that is home and family.” Through close study of a specific, and symbolic, domestic object, Craig explores the result of altered domesticity.

Molly Lamb \ Ghost Stepping
The haunting, contemporary works of Molly Lamb remind us of the inevitability of time’s transformative power on objects, and the precarious and fragmented nature of memory. Her photographs of inherited domestic objects accompanied by ethereal landscapes  are traces of a familial past. Lamb’s work confronts the divide between interior and exterior, and dissolves the space between past and present..

Related Programming

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Wednesday, December 9 \ 12:30pm
Artist Talk with Lindsey Beal

Sunday, December 20 \ 3pm
Artist Talk with Marie Craig

Wednesday, January 6 \ 12:30pm
Artist Talk with Marie Craig

Wednesday, January 20 \ 12:30pm
Artist Talk with Molly Lamb

Sunday, January 24 \ 3pm
Curator Talk with Jessica Roscio
Join us for a talk with Danforth Art Curator Jessica Roscio as she discusses the artwork, themes, and historical context behind the exhibition The Memory Palace: Domesticity, Objects, and the Interior.

Sunday, January 31 \ 3pm
Artist Talk with Molly Lamb

Sunday, February 21 \ 3pm
Artist Talk with Lindsey Beal

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