Art-on-the-Move Kits

Bring the Museum Back to Your Classroom!

To extend learning into the classroom, educators may borrow Art-on-the-Move Kits, suitcases filled with hands-on teaching resources for your Native American curriculum. Suggested classroom activities are described in the associated Teacher's Packet. Kits are available for two weeks at a time, and are free for institutions with Education Memberships.

These are valuable objects! Educators are responsible for any lost or damaged items. Students are allowed to touch objects as long as they do so with extreme care.

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Native American Art-on-the-Move Kits

                   Cheyenne Parfleche Box Katsina Doll (detail) Haida Raven Spirit Bowl (detail)

Generously funded by Computer Associates, Danforth Art now has two Native American traveling curriculum kits filled with art objects, photos, object descriptions, and more.

Native American Kit #1
Native American Kit #2
8 Art Objects with Fact Sheets   7 Art Objects with Fact Sheets
  Hopi Mini Katsina Doll
Haida Raven Spirit Box
Acoma Seed Pot
Miniature Ojibway Birch Bark Canoe
Sioux Beadwork Choker
Miniature Navajo Rug
Eastern Woodlands Wampum
Pair of Southwest Moccasins
    Navajo Sand Painting
Sioux Painted Hide Shield
Miniature NW Coast Totem Pole
Mohawk Warrior Dance Fan
Cheyenne Parfleche Box
Eastern Woodlands Corn Husk Bottle
Southwest Blanket
2 Books   2 Books

American Indians: the First

The American Indian Parfleche:
    A Tradition of Abstract Painting


The North American Indians in Early

North American Jewelry and Adornment

12 Laminated Photographs   10 Laminated Photographs
  Navajo Blanket Making
Totem Pole
Cedar Log Canoe
Birch-bark Canoe
Carved Mask (bird)
Carved Mask (sheet 1)
Carved Mask (sheet 2)
Old Kachina Doll
Laguna Pueblo Pottery
Zuni Water Jar
Painted Dress
Crow Chief
    Raven Mask
Ghost Dance Shirt
Cliff Dwellings of the Ancient Ones
Painted Wall with Totem Spirits
House and Totem Pole
Haida Poles
Rock Painting of Shield
Painted Hide Shield
Painted Robe
Old Kachina Doll
1 CD      
  Pow Wow Flutes      
1 Video (VHS)      
  Maria: Indian Pottery Maker of San     Ildefonso      

Click to download the Native American Art Program packet from Danforth Art

Native American Art Program
Packet for Educators

The Native American Art-on-the-Move kits can be used in conjunction with the Native American Art Program Packet for Educators. Suggested classroom activities are described in this informative booklet.

Click here to download this packet [PDF - 6.2 MB].

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Explore Japan Art-on-the-Move Kit

Folding fan, female Daruma doll Folding fan, female and male Daruma dolls Folding fan, female and male Daruma dolls

Danforth Art now has an Explore Japan traveling curriculum kit filled with art objects, photos, object descriptions, and more.

Explore Japan Kit     
4 Art Objects   4 Videos (VHS)
  Japanese Stamps & Ink Pads
Male Daruma Doll
Female Daruma Doll
Folding Fan
    The Boy Who Drew Cats
Shodo: The Path of Writing
Japan: The Island Empire
5 Books   6 Laminated Photographs
  Japanese for Everyone
Let's Learn Hiragana
Japan: The People
Perfect Crane
Japanese Cuisine for Everyone
    Kanno-ko Lakeside in Spring
Shiramizu-no-taki Fall
Kyoto in Winter
Hotoke-ga-ura Seashore
“Woman Dancer with Fan and Wand”
“Actor Dancing”
1 Audio Cassette      
  Japanese Stories, Vocabulary and Poetry  

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