The Memory Palace: Domesticity, Objects, and the Interior

An Exhibition in Two Parts
Featuring Works from the Permanent Collection

December 19, 2015–March 6, 2016

In Lawrence and Rosenberg Galleries

About the Exhibition

Works from the Permanent Collection selected for exhibition complement the works of two contemporary artists concurrently on view in these spaces. Paintings and photographs by Lisa Kessler, Sam Quinn, Grant Drumheller, Judith Brassard Brown, and more consider the complexity and fluidity of the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. A Set of Twenty, an installation on loan from artist Toni Pepe, explores the intricacies of memory and family narrative.

Leslie Graff \ The Domestic Series
Although public appearance remained paramount, mid-century architecture and design was marked by radical departures from the clutter and formality of the Victorian home. Post-war politics of domestic space and the aesthetics of ideal domesticity are prominent concepts in Leslie Graff’s paintings and mixed media works. Graff deftly critiques cultural shifts in attitudes toward domestic life, relationships, and gender roles in the last century with humor and a pop sensibility.

Astrid Reischwitz \ In the Bedroom
Our bedrooms are decidedly private spaces. In this series, Astrid Reischwitz focuses solely on the domestic space we consider off-limits to public consumption. Her photographs of beds and the objects which immediately surround them make public the most personal, and least shared, space in our homes. Her images of contemporary bedrooms also ask us to consider how the significance and meaning of the space has changed throughout history.

Related Programming

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Sunday, January 10 \ 3pm
Artist Talk with Astrid Reischwitz

Sunday, January 17 \ 3pm
Artist Talk with Leslie Graff

Sunday, January 24 \ 3pm
Curator Talk with Jessica Roscio
Join us for a talk with Danforth Art Curator Jessica Roscio as she discusses the artwork, themes, and historical context behind the exhibition The Memory Palace: Domesticity, Objects, and the Interior.

Wednesday, February 3 \ 12:30pm
Artist Talk with Leslie Graff

Sponsored by Herrman Family Charitable Trust

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