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Prilla Smith Brackett and Amy Ragus: Fractured Visions

Family Patterns #13 (detail)

Prilla Smith Brackett
Family Patterns #13 (detail), 2011. 6 panels, each 48” x 36.”
Drawing materials, acrylic, oil on panel.
Courtesy of the Artist.

Amy Ragus, Yosemite Falls

Amy Ragus
Yosemite Falls, 2003/2014. 50” x 36.”
Digital photo collages/archival ink jet print. Courtesy of the Artist..

March 15–May 17, 2015

Curated by Michele Cohen

Members Only Reception

Saturday, March 14 \ 6–8pm
Refreshments served \ Cash bar
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This reception is sponsored in part by Panopticon Imaging.

Artist Talks

Wednesday, March 25 \ 12:30pm: Prilla Smith Brackett and Amy Ragus in conversation
Sunday, March 29 \ 3:00pm: Prilla Smith Brackett
Sunday, April 12 \ 3:00pm: Amy Ragus

About the Exhibition

This exhibition brings together the paintings and photographs of two artists, Prilla Smith Brackett and Amy Ragus, who have employed fragmentation and multiplicity in their works long before we could reframe our world view with just a click of a finger. Whether using a paintbrush or camera, both Brackett and Ragus mix nature and artifice, employing a collage aesthetic to represent their reality. Prilla Smith Brackett explores the landscape in her paintings to reveal hidden beauty and hard truths, celebrating the natural world while reminding us of its fragility in the face of manmade intrusions. Amy Ragus creates photographic collages based on hundreds of individual images of a given scene. Digital manipulation becomes her tool not to conceal blemishes but to splice open vistas of woods, waterfalls, and mountains, instilling uncertainty in the viewer. This exhibition offers a unique look at the dialogue between painting and photography at a time of increasingly evolving new media.

Fractured Visions Exhibition Catalog [PDF, 5 MB]

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